Jenny Mastoraki

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Jenny Mastoraki
Born 1949
Occupation Poet, translator
Nationality Greek
Period 1972–present

Jenny Mastoraki (Greek: Τζένη Μαστοράκη; born 1949) is a Greek poet and translator. She read Philology at the University of Athens.

She belongs to the Genia tou 70, a group of Greek authors who began publishing their work during the 1970s, especially towards the end of the Greek military junta of 1967-1974 and at the first years of the Metapolitefsi.


  • Διόδια (Tolls), 1972[1]
  • Το σόι (The kin), 1978
  • Ιστορίες για τα βαθιά (Tales of the deep), 1983
  • Μ' ένα στεφάνι φως (With a garland of light), 1989

Selected translations[edit]


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