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Gerald "Jerry" Masucci[1] (October 7, 1934 – December 21, 1997) was an American attorney, businessman and salsa music promoter. He was co-founder of Fania Records.


Masucci was born in Brooklyn, New York.[2] To Italian immigrant parents Urbano and Elvira Masucci. His only brother is Alex Masucci, who would later become the Vice President of Fania Records and the Vice President of Island Records.[3] He was a police officer in New York City before, and during, attending law school. In 1960, he graduated from New York Law School as a juris doctor. He then worked for a public relations firm in Cuba, where he became interested in Latin music.[4]

In 1964 in New York City, Masucci, then a divorce attorney, and Johnny Pacheco, a Dominican musician, established Fania Records.[5][6][7][8][9] They started out selling records out of the trunk of cars on the streets of Spanish Harlem, signing up young artists, creating new sounds, and eventually having hit records.[10] Over the next 15 years, Fania Records helped define the sound, culture, and language associated with the salsa genre, a musical movement that arose partly from the unavailability in the United States of music produced in Cuba.[11]

In 1980, he was running Fame, a modeling agency.[12]

Masucci died in Buenos Aires, Argentina in December 1997 at age 63. It was reported that he had three daughters, Darlene, Misty and Corrine.[13][14][15]


Studio albums[edit]

  • A Tribute to Tito Rodríguez (Fania, 1976)
  • Latin Connection (Fania, 1981)
  • Social Change (Fania, 1981)
  • Guasasa (Fania, 1989)
  • Ray Barretto ACID (Fania 1968)

Live albums[edit]

  • Live at the Red Garter, Vol. 1 (Fania, 1968)
  • Live at the Red Garter, Vol. 2 (Fania, 1969)
  • Live at the Cheetah, Vol. 1 (Fania, 1972)
  • Live at the Cheetah, Vol. 2 (Fania, 1972)
  • Live at the Cheetah, Vol. 2 (Fania, 1973)
  • Latin-Soul-Rock (Fania, 1974)
  • Fania All-Stars (Island, 1975)
  • Live in Japan 76 (Fania, 1976)
  • Live at Yankee Stadium, Vol. 1 (Fania, 1976)
  • Live at Yankee Stadium, Vol. 2 (Fania, 1976)
  • Live (Fania, 1978)
  • Habana Jam (Fania, 1979)
  • Live in Africa (Fania, 1986)


  • Our Latin Thing (Fania 1972)
  • Salsa (Fania, 1974)
  • In Africa (Fania, 1993)
  • Live (Fania, 1995)