Jesper Skaaning

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Jesper Skaaning
Also known as Acustic
Origin Copenhagen, Denmark
Genres Electronic music, ambient, IDM
Occupation(s) electronic musician
Years active 1980x - present
Labels April Records
Hobby Industries
Rump Recordings
Associated acts Future 3
People Press Play

Jesper Skaaning (a.k.a. Acustic) is a Danish electronic musician,[1] producer and film composer. He started his career as a guitarist in various experimental punk bands in the early 1980s and was inspired by European electropop and early electronic Music, especially by Kraftwerk. At that time he formed a band, Acustisk Ungdom, from which he later took his name.

He formed the Future 3 electronic trio together with Anders Remmer (a.k.a. Dub Tractor) and Thomas Knak (a.k.a. Opiate) in 1994. He is also a member of People Press Play (which is Future 3 plus Sara Savery) and has a duo project with Remmer, Jesper & Anders a.k.a. Recycler 202.

With his sense of harmony, and his consciously minimalist approach, Skaaning constructs a sound which is forthcoming without trying too hard to please.

At the moment Jesper is working together with guitar and bassplayer Djon on the sideproject Spring, which is a return to more guitar oriented material with discrete use of vocals.


  • Tease (12”) - (Flex Records, 1995)
  • No 1 (CD, Album) - (April Records, 1996)
  • No 2 (12”) - (April Records, 1997)
  • Star Quality (CD) - (April Records, 1998)
  • Split (12") (with Goodiepal) - (Hobby Industries, 2000)
  • Split (12”) (with RJ Valeo) - (Hobby Industries, 2002)
  • Welcome (CD)- (Rump Recordings, 2005)

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