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Jiddu Krishnamurti (/ˈɪd ˌkrɪʃnəˈmɜːrti/ or /-ˈmʊərti/; 11 May 1895 – 17 February 1986) was a philosopher, educationist, speaker and writer. His supporters – working through non-profit foundations in India, Great Britain and the United States – oversee several independent schools based on his views on education. They continue to transcribe and distribute his thousands of talks, group and individual discussions, and writings by use of a variety of media formats and languages.

Krishnamurti Education Philosophy[edit]

Education forms a central core of Krishnamurti’s world view. In fact, Krishnamurti spent his entire life talking about education as being the agent not only of inner renewal but also of social change. Krishnamurti asserted that the schools functioning under the auspices of the Krishnamurti Foundation India (KFI)[1], and others started independently by his supporters, did not exist as organizations for the indoctrination of children, but rather as places ‘where students and teachers can flower, and where a future generation can be prepared because schools are meant for that.[2]

Krishnamurti supporters founded several schools around the world. When asked, Krishnamurti enumerated the following as his educational aims:

  1. Global outlook: A vision of the whole as distinct from the part; there should never be a sectarian outlook, but always a holistic outlook free from all prejudice.
  2. Concern for man and the environment: Humanity is part of nature, and if nature is not cared for, it will boomerang on man. Only the right education and deep affection between people everywhere will resolve many problems including the environmental challenges.
  3. Religious spirit, which includes the scientific temper: The religious mind is alone, not lonely. It is in communion with people and nature.[3]

Jiddu Krishnamurti Schools[edit]


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