Jigten Sumgön

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Jigten Sumgön
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Jigten Sumgön
Lineage Founder of the Drikung Kagyu
Temple Densatil; Drikung Monastery
Other names Jigten Gonpo; Welbar Tar (dbal 'bar thar); later changed to Tsunpa Kyab (btsun pa skyabs), and later on Dorje Pel (rdo rje dpal); Drikung Kyobpa Jikten Gönpo Rinchen Päl, Drikung Kyobpa Jikten Gonpo; Drikungpa Rinchen Pel; Kyobpa Jikten Gonpo; Rinchen Pel; Kyobpa Rinpoche (Wylie: ‘Bri-gung sKyob-pa ‘Jig-rten dgon-po rin-chen dpal),
Monastic name Rinchen Pel
Born 1143
Tsungu (tsu ngu), Kham
Died 1217
Resting place "Body-Essence, Ornament of the World" stupa
Senior posting
Successor Gurawa Tsultrim Dorje (gu ra ba)
Religious career
Teacher Phagmo Drupa Dorje Gyalpo, Tsilungpa (tsi lung pa), Lama Menyag (bla ma me nyag)
Post Drigung Monastery

Jigten Sumgön (1143-1217), was the founder of the Drikung Kagyu lineage[1] and main disciple of Phakmo Drüpa.[2] He is known under various names: Drikung Kyobpa Jigten Gonpo Rinpoche, Drikung Kyobpa Jikten Gönpo Rinchen Päl, Lord Jigten Sumgön, Kyobpa Rinpoche, and others.

His great-grandmother was Achi Chokyi Drolma, who prophesied his birth and vowed to protect his lineage. His father was Naljorpa Dorje, a practitioner of Yamantaka, and his mother was Rakyisa Tsunma.[3]

He founded Drikung Monastery in 1179.[4]

Jigten Gonpo and his Drikung lineage are best known for the set of teachings known as The Five Profound Paths of Mahāmudrā (phyag chen lnga ldan). Some of his sayings were collected by Sherab Jungne into what is known as the Single Intention (dgongs gcig), teachings of a profoundly philosophical character further developed in commentarial works written in the following generation.[5] Some of Jigten Gonpo's teachings were collected by yet another disciple into what is known as the Heart of the Great Vehicle's Teachings (theg chen bstan pa'i snying po).[6]


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