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Jim Irvin
Birth nameJames Lawrence Irvin
OriginLondon, England, UK
GenresNew wave, pop, alternative rock, post-punk, psychedelic rock
InstrumentsVocals, percussion, keyboards, synclavier
Years active1982–present
LabelsSurvival, Stiff, Arista Records
Associated acts

Jim Irvin is an English singer, songwriter and music journalist.

Early life[edit]

Born James Lawrence Irvin and raised in west London.



Irvin was the singer in the English new wave band Furniture, who released singles and albums with Survival, Stiff and Arista Records between 1982 and 1990. He co-wrote their 1986 UK hit single, "Brilliant Mind", taken from the album, The Wrong People. The song also appeared in the John Hughes movie, Some Kind of Wonderful and was re-recorded for the soundtrack. Furniture made one further album, Food, Sex & Paranoia, for Arista (1990), and disbanded in 1991.[1] In 1992, Irvin recorded an album, "Mad Scared Dumb And Gorgeous" with jazz musician Chris Ingham, under the name Because. It was released on Boo Hewerdine's Haven label.[2]

In 2019, Emotional Rescue records reissued Furniture's debut, six-song mini-album, "When The Boom Was On" (1983) and an EP of 12" mixes called "On Broken Glass" [3]

Music journalism[edit]

In 1991, Irvin began contributing to Melody Maker magazine, where his work appeared under the name Jim Arundel. He was later made reviews editor. In 1994, reverting to Jim Irvin, he became the founding features editor of Mojo magazine. One of his most notable pieces for the magazine was "Angel of Avalon", a major profile of the late Sandy Denny, published in 1998.[4] He also edited an acclaimed book, The Mojo Collection.[5] He has written for The Word, Time Out, The Sunday Times and The Guardian and continues to write a reissues column for Mojo.

In February 2015 he published an e-book, A Book Of Wild Flowers, which collected his writings on Sandy Denny, Joni Mitchell and Kate Bush.

In May 2018 he co-authored Jeff Buckley: From Hallelujah To The Last Goodbye (Post Hill Press), a biography of Jeff Buckley written with Dave Lory, the singer's former manager.[6]

Later production and songwriting[edit]

In 1995, Irvin produced the first demos by the band Gay Dad, and co-write some of the songs which later appeared on their debut album, Leisure Noise. Their single, "Oh Jim", was said to be dedicated to him.[citation needed]

In 1999, he produced Lido, the debut album by Clearlake, released in 2000 on his own label, Dusty Company, an offshoot of Domino Records.

Irvin returned to full-time songwriting in 2001, concentrating initially on dance music. He co-wrote the 2004 hit "The Weekend" by Michael Gray, and had work recorded by Groove Armada, Full Intention and David Guetta.[7]

Since 2006 his work has been mostly outside dance music, with artists like Lana Del Rey, Lissie, Simple Plan, Jack Savoretti, Unloved and Nothing but Thieves.

The song Love, co-written with and performed by Unloved, introduced the Apple Keynote Speech in March 2019.


Year Artist Album Song Co-written with Notes Chart Position
The Amazons 'Future Dust' "Doubt It" The Amazons, Julian Emery, Nick Atkinson single
Unloved Heartbreak "Devils, Angels" Keefus Ciancia, Jade Vincent, David Holmes “Love” used to introduce Apple Keynote, March 2019
Airways 'Trampoline/The End' "Trampoline" Jake Daniels, Dom Craik single
Airways 'Blue Gasoline' "Blue Gasoline" Jake Daniels, Dom Craik single
Airways 'Alien' "Alien" Jake Daniels, Dom Craik single
Nothing But Thieves What Did You Think When You Made Me This Way? "Gods" Nothing But Thieves, Julian Emery EP UK 8 iTunes
"You Know Me Too Well"
"Take This Lonely Heart"
Black Honey Black Honey "What Happened To You" Izzy Bee Philips, Emre Ramazangalou UK 33
The Wrecks Panic Vertigo (EP) "James Dean" Nick Anderson, Julian Emery
Lissie Castles "Peace" Lissie, Julian Emery UK #9
"Somewhere" Lissie, Julian Emery
2017 Nothing But Thieves Broken Machine "I Was Just A Kid" Nothing But Thieves, Julian Emery #2 Album UK
"Broken Machine"
"I’m Not Made By Design"
"Get Better"
"Hell Yeah"
Airways Starting to Spin EP "Starting To Spin" Julian Emery, Jake Daniels and Brian Moroney
"White Noise Boys"
"One Foot"
"Mate" Jake Daniels and Dom Craik
2016 Lissie My Wild West "Ojai" Julian Emery, Lissie #16 UK Album

#9 Norwegian Albums

2015 Nothing But Thieves Nothing But Thieves "Excuse Me" Julian Emery, Nothing But Thieves Album UK #7
"Graveyard Whistling"
"Trip Switch" #1 Single Alternative Songs - Billboard
"Tempt You (Evocatio)" Album UK #7
"Neon Brother"
Nothing But Thieves "Trip Switch" (single) "Trip Switch" Julian Emery, Nothing But Thieves #1 Single Alternative Songs - Billboard
Nothing But Thieves "Ban All the Music" (single) "Ban All the Music" Julian Emery, Nothing But Thieves
2014 Chlöe Howl "Rumour" (single) "Rumour" Julian Emery, Chlöe Howl
Lewis Watson The Morning "Stones Around the Sun" Julian Emery, Lewis Watson UK #28
Lower Than Atlantis Lower Than Atlantis "Live Slow, Die Old" Julian Emery, Lower Than Atlantis Album UK #12
"Number 1"
Nothing But Thieves Graveyard Whistling EP "Graveyard Whistling" Julian Emery, Nothing But Thieves
"Last Orders"
Pixie Lott Pixie Lott "Break Up Song" Rami Afuni, Pixie Lott Album UK #15
"Oceans" Pixie Lott, Jerry Abbott
"Leaving You" Pixie Lott, Jerry Abbott
Ruth Lorenzo Planeta Azul "Dancing in the Rain" Julian Emery, Ruth Lorenzo
2013 Lissie Back to Forever "Shameless" Julian Emery, Lissie Album UK #16
"Further Away (Romance Police)"
"The Habit"
"What's It Like"
"They All Want You" Lissie, Angelo Petraglia
Ryan Beatty "Chameleon" "Chameleon" Julian Emery, Ryan Beatty, Elisabeth Maurus Single
"Love Will Come My Way"
Gabrielle Aplin English Rain "Start of Time" Julian Emery, Gabrielle Aplin UK #2
Gavin DeGraw Make a Move "Every Little Bit" Julian Emery, Gavin Degraw US #10
Josh Krajcik Blindly, Lonely, Lovely ”Her Song” Julian Emery, Josh Krajcik
Lee DeWyze Frames "You Don't Know Me" Julian Emery, Lee DeWyze US #116
Alex Hepburn Together Alone "Get Heavy" Julian Emery, Alex Hepburn France #2
"Crown of Thorns"
2012 Lana Del Rey Born to Die This Is What Makes Us Girls Tim Larcombe, Lana Del Rey UK #1, US #2
Various Cruelties Various Cruelties (2012) ”Beautiful Delerium” Julian Emery, Liam O'Donnell
Jack Savoretti Before the Storm (2012) "Lifetime" Julian Emery, Jack Savoretti
Halestorm The Strange Case Of... (2012) "Rock Show" Julian Emery, Lzzy Hale US #15, UK 49
"Don’t Know How to Stop"
Audra Mae and The Almighty Sounds Audra Mae and The Almighty Sounds (2012) "Jebidiah Moonshine's Friday Night Shack Party" Julian Emery, Audra Mae
2011 Simple Plan Get Your Heart On "Freaking Me Out" Julian Emery, Chuck Comeau, Pierre Bouvier CAN #2
"Fire in My Heart"
David Cook This Loud Morning "Paper Heart" Julian Emery, David Cook US #7
"We Believe"
2010 Lissie Catching a Tiger "When I'm Alone" Julian Emery, Lissie UK #12
"In Sleep"
"Loosen the Knot"
Boyzone Brother ”Separate Cars” Julian Emery, Jack McManus, Jon Green UK #1
Zucchero Fornaciari Chocabeck "Devil in the Mirror" Zucchero Fornaciari Italy #1
"Spirit / Together" Zucchero Fornaciari, Iggy Pop
2007 David Guetta Pop Life "Do Something Love" Garraud, David Guetta, Ben Chapman, Juliet Richardson France #2
Groove Armada Soundboy Rock “From the Rooftops” Jack McManus, Andy Cato, Tom Findlay UK #10
2004 Michael Gray The Weekend” (single) The Weekend Oliver Cheatham, Michael Gray, Sally Still UK #7


Essays and reporting[edit]

  • Irvin, Jim (December 2014). "The birth & death of Pink Floyd : the long goodbye". Mojo. 253 (6): 74–84.
  • — (December 2014). "Kismet, Hardy". File Under. Mojo. 253 (6): 112. Review of five albums by Françoise Hardy.


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