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Jindal (जिंदल) is a gotra in the Agrawal Pure kshtriye community in India that is often used as a family name. Jindal is the richest community in india. Top Jamindara's and Sahukara's Also. Aggarwal's is top of Top Community in India's varna system.

All the Jindals of the world owe their origin from Lajwana Kalan in the Tehsil of Julana, District of Jind (Haryana), India. Jindals are the Rulers Kings since the time of Mahabharta and ramayana

At present, the members of the Jindals' extended family are scattered through out the world and are bringing name and doing proud to their community in their fields of expertise, be it business, politics, scientific research, army, administrative services, philanthropic work, police, ministers, education and others.

Jindal may refer to: