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Birth nameBen Webb
BornLeicester, UK
Occupation(s)Songwriter, musician, visual artist
InstrumentsVocals, guitar, autoharp
LabelsCargo Records, GFM Records, Names Records
Associated actsGeorgia Ruth, Kyla La Grange, Alasdair Roberts, Malcolm Middleton, Kami Thompson, The Rails, Rachael Dadd, Bird in the Belly

Jinnwoo is a Leicester born, Brighton-based artist and folk musician.[1] Jinnwoo's real name has been reported as Ben Webb[2]

Music career[edit]

After gigging pubs and clubs for numerous years, Jinnwoo independently released his debut EP Your Baby in 2014,[3] as well as featuring on Kyla La Grange's second studio album 'Cut Your Teeth', released through Sony. This led to him being listed as one of The Independent's top 10 artists to watch for 2015 [4]

In 2016, following a flurry of press, Jinnwoo released his first full-length album Strangers Bring Me No Light on Cargo Records/GFM Records.[5] The album featured guest appearances from the likes of Kyla La Grange, Georgia Ruth, Alasdair Roberts, Malcolm Middleton, Rachael Dadd, Kamila Thompson (The Rails), Weikie, Noah Georgeson, Ben Walker, The Earlies, Hannah Peel, Caroline Weeks, Gerry Diver and Young Montana. The album received critical acclaim from sources such as The Independent[6] and Songwriting Magazine.[7]

Sam Lee invited Jinnwoo to play at Cambridge Folk Festival in 2016.[8]

In 2016, Jinnwoo recorded a live EP in a woodland near his childhood home, which again gained support from The Independent, who called the recording "Exquisite".[9]

Late 2016, Jinnwoo announced he was working with a new folk collective called Bird in the Belly.[10] Bird in the Belly released their debut album 'The Crowing' on 23 March 2018, through a partnership between GFM Records and Proper Music Distribution. The album was album of week in the Daily Express, who labeled it 'Folk album of the year' [11]

In 2019, Folk Radio UK announced that Jinnwoo had formed a new band called Green Ribbons with Frankie Armstrong, Alasdair Roberts (musician) and Burd Ellen. In July 2019, the band released their self-titled debut album consisting of purely unaccompanied singing through Matiere Memoir Records. [12]

Art career[edit]

Jinnwoo's art and photography has appeared in Oh Comely (magazine),[13] Wonderland Magazine,[14] The Guardian,[15] fRoots, and Beijing Today.

Jinnwoo has produced album covers for the likes of The Rails,[16] Kami Thompson [17] and Lisa Knapp.[18]

Jinnwoo often uses musicians as his subjects - most frequently from the folk, world or pop genres. He has previously photographed June Tabor,[19] Nic Jones,[20] Amy Studt,[21] Laura White,[22] Stick in the Wheel,[23] Kami Thompson,[24] The Rails,[25] Lucy Rose,[26] Hollie Cook, Lisa Knapp,[27] Sivu,[28] :Alasdair Roberts,[29] Frankie Armstrong,[30] Kathryn Roberts and Sean Lakeman,[31] Phillip Henry & Hannah Martin,[32] O'Hooley & Tidow[33] and To Kill a King (band).[34]


Solo Albums[edit]

Title Album details
Strangers Bring Me No Light

Solo EPs[edit]

Title Album details
Your Baby EP
  • Released: 14 June 2014
  • Label: None
Ozzy Wood EP

Features and appearances[edit]

Title Album details
'Never That Young' - Kyla La Grange ft. Jinnwoo
Waiting For 'P' to Have a Vision
'How Stands the Glass Around' - Ben Walker ft. Jinnwoo
  • Echo by Ben Walker
  • Released: 5 July 2019
  • Label: Folk Room

Albums with Bird in the Belly[edit]

Title Album details
The Crowing
Neighbours and Sisters

Albums with Green Ribbons[edit]

Title Album details
Green Ribbons


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