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fRoots issue 289, cover-dated July 2007
EditorIan A. Anderson (1979–present)
CategoriesMusic (folk, world)
Circulation12,000 worldwide (2006)[1]
PublisherSouthern Rag Ltd
Year founded1979
CountryEngland, United Kingdom
Based inFarnham

fRoots (pronounced "eff-Roots", originally Folk Roots) is a specialist music magazine published quarterly in the UK since 1979. It specialises in folk and world music, and features a compilation downloadable album with every issue, with occasional specials. In 2006, the circulation of the magazine was 12,000 worldwide.[1]

The magazine is also involved in live music production, as well as the BBC Radio 3 Awards for World Music, and the Europe in Union concert series.

On 2 July 2019, the editor, Ian A. Anderson, announced that the magazine was suspending publication due to lack of funding, and that the Summer 2019 issue (issue 425) would be its last.[2][3]


In 1979, Southern Rag was founded[4] by folk musician Ian A. Anderson with Caroline Hurrell and Lawrence Heath. It was renamed as Folk Roots in 1985,[4] and in 1998 it became fRoots.

Since 1985, the magazine had been published on a monthly basis.[4] It has been published quarterly since April 2018.[5] The headquarters is in Bristol.[4]

Albums of the year[edit]

Folk Roots album of the year:

fRoots album of the year:

Later awards became merged with the BBC Radio 3 Awards for World Music:


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