Jireh Chapel, Haywards Heath

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Jireh Chapel, Haywards Heath
Jireh Strict Baptist Chapel, Haywards Heath.jpg
The chapel
50°59′36″N 0°06′00″W / 50.99329°N 0.09994°W / 50.99329; -0.09994Coordinates: 50°59′36″N 0°06′00″W / 50.99329°N 0.09994°W / 50.99329; -0.09994
Location Haywards Heath
Country United Kingdom
Denomination Baptist
Status chapel
Founded 1879
Completed 1879

The Jireh Chapel is a Strict Baptist place of worship in the town of Haywards Heath in the English county of West Sussex. The chapel was built in 1879.

Sussex has many 19th-century Independent and Baptist chapels in this Vernacular style: a tiled, gabled roof, porch, and red-brick walls with round-arched windows. This example was built in 1879 by William Knight, a horticulturist who was also the chapel's first pastor. It is a Gospel Standard movement chapel.[1][2]

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