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Jobbie Nooner (Gull Island, Lake St. Clair)

Jobbie Nooner is the largest boat party in the Midwest and one of the largest boat parties in America.

According to co-creator Jack Campbell, "The very first Jobbie Nooner occurred Friday, June 28th, 1974." [1]

Lee O'Dell (left) and Lee Wagner (right) are the original co-creators of Jobbie Nooner, which started in 1974.

Auto workers who called themselves "Jobbies", would take the last Friday in June off work to party at Gull Island (Lake St. Clair, Michigan).[2] The event was originally timed to coincide with Lee Wagner's birthday, but eventually grew to become a bigger celebration.[3][4]

The party now occurs twice a year. Jobbie Nooner is the last Friday in June and Jobbie Nooner Two is the second Saturday in September.[5] The event keeps growing. Annually, Jobbie Nooner attracts 10,000+ boats and over 100,000+ people.[6]

The Jobbie Crew are based in Detroit, Michigan and they run the website which serves as a global information resource for boat parties like Jobbie Nooner, The Raft Off, Brown's Bar annual Halloween Party, Parade of Lights, Bud Bash, Pottahawk, Port Huron Float Down, AquaPalooza, etc.[citation needed]


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