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Joe Eigo
Born (1980-02-19) February 19, 1980 (age 35)
Toronto, Canada
Occupation Performer/Entrepreneur

Joe Eigo (born February 19, 1980) is a Canadian stunt performer.

Joe Eigo at the Mount Shasta Vortex
Joe Eigo in an Aerial Vortex Flip


Joe Eigo is the joint creator of "Multi Level Moves",[1] which is "an experiment to explore the limits of the human body."[2] He was a member of the Jackie Chan Stunt Team,[3] performed with Chan in the 2004 film Around the World in 80 Days,[1] and also performed in the 2006 Toronto musical production of The Lord of the Rings.[4]

Eigo was the subject of a photo portrait by Toronto Star photographer Peter Power for which the Toronto Star received an award of excellence from the Missouri School of Journalism.[5]

Eigo's "Matrix - for Real" video has been seen over 4.5 million times[6] on Metacafe,[7] for which he had made US$25,000 as of January 2007.[8] In the video, Eigo flips from boulders, trees and training mats, performs strings of back flips in the middle of a street, tosses a soccer ball in the air and then kicks it while completing a back flip.[9]

Eigo is a celebrity spokesman for the Tahitian Noni company.[10]


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