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Joel Shubin (died March 24, 1942) was a Jewish[1] Russian agronomist, journalist, and an alleged Communist International representative to the American Communist Party.[1] At one time, he served as the Soviet Deputy Minister of Agriculture.


Shubin edited the Moscow-based Peasant Gazette in the 1930s. A widower with a teenage daughter, he married the American journalist Anna Louise Strong without ceremony in 1931,[2] and they remained married for the rest of his life. At the time, Strong edited the English-language version of another Soviet newspaper, Moscow News; while Shubin often accompanied Strong during her trips back to the United States, the two were often separated due to work commitments. According to Rewi Alley's account, Strong later said: "perhaps we married because we were both so doggone lonely...but we were very happy."[2]

Shubin died of a lung disease under mysterious circumstances on March 24, 1942.[3] Strong, who was working in California at the time, didn't learn of her husband's death until that August.[4] It was reported in 1949 that an unnamed Soviet official suspected that Shubin was "liquidated."[5]


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