Johann Christian Mikan

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Johann Christian Mikan (1769–1844)

Johann Christian Mikan (born 5 December 1769 in Teplitz, died 28 December 1844 in Prague) was an Austrian-Czech botanist, zoologist and entomologist. He was the son of Joseph Gottfried Mikan.[1]


Mikan was a professor of natural history at the University of Prague.[2] He was one of three leading naturalists on the Austrian Brazil Expedition.[3]

He wrote Monographia Bombyliorum Bohemiæ, iconibus illustrata in 1796, Entomologische Beobachtungen, Berichtigungen und Entdeckungen in 1797, and Delectus Florae et Faunae Brasiliensis, etc. in 1820.[4] Mikan described many new species, including the black lion tamarin.

Mikan is commemorated in the scientific name of a species of South American snake, Dipsas mikanii.[5]

The genus Mikania Willd. (Asteraceae) was named for his father Joseph Gottfried Mikan (1743–1814), professor of botany and chemistry at the Prague University.

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