John Adrian Bondy

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John Adrian Bondy
NationalityBritish, Canadian
EducationUniversity of Oxford
Known forBondy's theorem
Bondy–Chvátal theorem

John Adrian Bondy, (Born 1944) a dual British and Canadian citizen, was a professor of graph theory at the University of Waterloo, in Canada. He is a faculty member of Université Lyon 1, France. Bondy is known for the Bondy–Chvátal theorem together with Václav Chvátal. His coauthors include Paul Erdős.

Bondy received his Ph.D. in graph theory from University of Oxford in 1969.[1] Bondy has served as a managing editor and co-editor-in-chief of the Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series B.[2]

Bondy was dismissed from his tenured position at Waterloo in 1995, after 28 years in which he had been a major contributor to the renown of the University's Department of Combinatorics and Optimization. The reasons for dismissal centered on "Bondy's acceptance of a teaching post in France, and the acceptability of someone who is on UW's faculty payroll holding a full-time job elsewhere."[3]

Paul Erdős, at the time the world's most renowned combinatorialist, returned his honorary doctorate to the University of Waterloo in protest.[4]

Select books and publications[edit]

  • Bondy, John Adrian; Murty, U.S.R. (1976), Graph Theory with Applications, North-Holland, archived from the original on 16 June 2012, retrieved 28 June 2012.[5][6]
  • Bondy, John Adrian; Murty, U.S.R. (2008), Graph Theory, Springer.
  • Bondy, John Adrian (1971), "Pancyclic graphs I", Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series B, 11 (1): 80–84, doi:10.1016/0095-8956(71)90016-5.[7]
  • Bondy, John Adrian; Hemminger, R. L. (1977), "Graph reconstruction – a survey", Journal of Graph Theory, 1 (3): 227–268, doi:10.1002/jgt.3190010306.[8]

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