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Jean Baptiste Henri Joseph Desmazières (1786-1862)

Jean Baptiste Henri Joseph Desmazières (10 July 1786 in Lille – 23 June 1862 in Lambersart) was a merchant of Lille and an amateur mycologist.[1] He was the editor of the scientific journals "Annales des sciences naturelles" and the "Bulletin de la société des sciences de Lille".[2]

He was creator of the exsiccatae series "Plantes cryptogames du Nord de la France" (1825–1851) [3] and "Plantes cryptogames de France" (1853–1861).[4] In 1827 he published a treatise on the genus Mycoderma, titled "Recherches microscopiques et physiologiques sur le genre Mycoderma".[5][6]

He was the binomial author of the fungi species Agaricus radians [7] and Aspergillus clavatus.[8]

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