John Fairfax, 11th Lord Fairfax of Cameron

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The Lord Fairfax of Cameron
Born September 18, 1830
Vaucluse, Virginia
Died September 25, 1900 (aged 70)
Prince George's County, Maryland
Title 11th Lord Fairfax of Cameron
Tenure 1869-1900
Nationality American
Parents Albert Fairfax
Caroline Eliza Snowden

John Contee Fairfax, 11th Lord Fairfax, (September 18, 1830 – September 25, 1900) was an American born Peer of Scotland.

Early life[edit]

John Contee Fairfax was born at Vaucluse, Virginia, the second son of Albert Fairfax (April 15, 1802 – May 9, 1835) and Caroline Eliza Snowden (April 21, 1812 – December 28, 1899), who were married on April 7, 1828. His elder brother was Charles S. Fairfax, 10th Lord Fairfax of Cameron.[1]

Personal life[edit]

He married Mary Kirby, daughter of Col. Edward Kirby, in 1857. They had the following children:

He died at age 70 in his country home Northampton, in Prince George's County, Maryland. At the time of his death he was the only British peer with American citizenship.[2]

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Peerage of Scotland
Preceded by
Charles S. Fairfax
Lord Fairfax of Cameron
Succeeded by
Albert Fairfax