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John Dabney (1752–1819) was a postmaster, publisher, and bookseller in Salem, Massachusetts, in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. He was born in Boston in 1752 to Charles Dabney and Elizabeth Gardner.[1] With Thomas C. Cushing, John Dabney published the Salem Mercury newspaper, 1787-1789.[2][3] In 1790 he married Abigail Mason Peale (1767-1834).[4] Beginning around 1790 he ran the "Salem Book-Store" which offered books for sale or short-term rental;[5][6] customers included William Bentley.[7] Dabney also served as Salem postmaster ca.1792-1815.[8][9][10] He belonged to the North Church in Salem[11] and the Essex Lodge of the Freemasons.[12] Dabney sold the contents of his shop at auction in 1818.[13][14] He died in 1819.[15]

Selected titles in Dabney's bookstore & library[edit]

In 1813, Dabney's stock included:[16]


Catalogue of the Salem Book-store and Circulating Library, 1813
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Further reading[edit]

Issued by Dabney[edit]

  • New-England Primer Enlarged. Salem: Printed by E. Draper, for John Dabney. 1791. 
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