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This article is about the science fiction writer. For the Virginia colonist, see John Stith.
John E. Stith
John E Stith Wikipedia 2014.jpg
Born (1947-07-30) July 30, 1947 (age 68)
Boulder, Colorado, United States
Occupation novelist
Nationality American
Genre science fiction, mystery

John E. Stith (born 1947 in Boulder, Colorado) is an American science fiction and mystery author, known for the scientific rigor he brings to adventure and mystery stories.

Redshift Rendezvous, a Nebula Award nominee, is a murder mystery set aboard a space ship traveling through hyperspace, where the speed of light is ten meters per second, so relativistic effects occur at running speed. The solution respects the laws of physics. Manhattan Transfer, a novel about an alien abduction of the entire borough of Manhattan, was a Seiun Award nominee in Japan.

Stith's Nick Naught is a detective with a sense of humor in a dystopian future. He first appeared in Analog Magazine and his exploits (Naught for Hire and Naught Again) have been reprinted in the collection, All For Naught. Stith's other short fiction has appeared in Amazing Stories, Nature, and Dragon.

A webisode series of Naught for Hire was in development with Paramount Digital until a reorganization. The screenplay is by John E. Stith and series producer Jeffrey Berman. Ben Browder is set to star and be executive producer. New efforts are underway in 2014 to finance the project.

His work has been translated into French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, and Russian. His novels have been bestsellers on Locus and Amazon. He has lived in Colorado Springs since the 1970s.



  • Scapescope (1984)
  • Memory Blank (1986)
  • Death Tolls (1987)
  • Deep Quarry (1989)
  • Redshift Rendezvous (1990)
  • Manhattan Transfer (1993)
  • Reunion on Neverend (1994)
  • Reckoning Infinity (1997)


  • All for Naught (2005)

Major Awards[edit]

  • 1988 Colorado Authors' League Top Hand Award Winner, best adult fiction original paperback, for Death Tolls
  • 1989 Colorado Authors' League Top Hand Award Winner, best adult fiction original paperback, for Deep Quarry
  • 1990 Nebula Award Nominee for Best Novel, for Redshift Rendezvous
  • 1990 Analog Analytical Laboratory 3rd Place winner for the novella Naught for Hire
  • 1990 HOMer Award winner for the novella Naught for Hire
  • 1990 HOMer Award winner for the novel Redshift Rendezvous
  • 1992 HOMer Award winner for the novelette Naught Again
  • 1993 Rockies Award Winner for best SF novel of 1993, for Manhattan Transfer
  • 1994 HOMer Award winner for the novel Reunion on Neverend
  • 1994 Seiun Award Nominee for best foreign novel, for Manhattan Transfer (translated into Japanese by Takumi Shibano, who wrote under the name Rei Kozumi)
  • 1997 Colorado Authors' League Top Hand Award Winner, best genre novel, for Reckoning Infinity
  • 1997 New York Public Library—List of Best Books for Young Adult, for Reckoning Infinity
  • 1997 La Tour Eiffel/Eiffel Tower Science Fiction Book Prize Nominee for Manhattan Transfer (translated into French by Maryvonne Ssossé)

Television Appearances[edit]

  • 1987 Science Fiction * Science Fact (SF2), National PBS one-hour, live special with Ben Bova, Arthur C. Clarke, Charles Sheffield, John E. Stith, G. Harry Stine and NASA planner Jesco von Puttkammer.
  • 1993 Prisoners of Gravity Season 4 episode 16, Mystery/SF. Episode description: a look at the cross-over between mystery and science fiction, with guests P. D. James, John E. Stith, Sean Stewart, Vernor Vinge, Martin H. Greenberg, Maxim Jakubowski, Garfield and Judith Reeves-Stevens, Sharyn McCrumb, Mike Resnick, Beth Meacham, and Jane Yolen.

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