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This article is about the Virginia colonist. For the science fiction writer, see John E. Stith.

John Stith (fl. 1656–1691) was a member of the Virginia House of Burgesses[1] and the progenitor of the Stith family, one of the first families of Virginia.[2][3]

Stith ancestors were likely from the area of Kirkham in Lancashire, England.[4] Stith settled in Charles City County, Virginia sometime after coming to the colony sometime before 1656.[1][5] He was a merchant, an attorney, and a justice of the peace, and served in the militia as a lieutenant (1656), a captain (1676), and a major (1680).[1] In 1691, Stith was the high sheriff of Charles City County.[2] During Bacon's Rebellion of 1676, Stith was a supporter of Sir William Berkeley.[1]

Stith married Jane Parsons, the widow of Joseph Parsons, and had at least three children:[1][2][4][5]


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