John Garbh Maclean, 1st Laird of Coll

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John Garbh Maclean, 1st Laird of Coll


The fourth branch of the Duard family is that of Coll, descended from John Garbh, third son of Lachlan Bronneach Maclean, seventh chief of MacLean, and second son of the second marriage by Fionnaghal, daughter of MacLeod of Harris.

He was called John Garbh from his gigantic stature and great strength. He was also called John Teomachd, from his cunning and craft. As already narrated, he received from the lord of the Isles a right to twenty pound land in the isle of Coll, and eighteen merk land in Quinish, in Mull; and from Allan Ruarrie, laird of Clanranald, the six merk land of Rum. Alexander, third lord of the Isles, bestowed upon him the twenty pound land of Lochiel, in Lochaber,f and also the six merk land in Drimnin and Achalennon, in Morvern. John Garbh lived feared by his enemies and respected by his friends.

He married Isabella, daughter of Fraser of Lovat, predecessor of Lord Lovat. He was succeeded in his estates by his only son, John Abrach MacLean, 2nd Laird of Coll.[1]


 This article incorporates text from A history of the clan Mac Lean from its first settlement at Duard Castle, in the Isle of Mull, to the present period: including a genealogical account of some of the principal families together with their heraldry, legends, superstitions, etc, by John Patterson MacLean, a publication from 1889 now in the public domain in the United States.