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John Woodman Memorial Wagga Wagga to Albury
Race details
Date August
Region New South Wales, Australia
Nickname(s) Wagga to Albury
Discipline Road
Competition State Open
Type Road Handicap
Organiser Albury Wodonga Cycling Club
First edition 1987 (1987)
Editions 25
First winner  Bernard O'Dea (AUS)
Most wins  Aaron Robertson (AUS) 2 wins
Most recent  Rhys Pollock (AUS) (2012)

The John Woodman Memorial, otherwise known as the Wagga to Albury is an annual bicycle handicap race that runs between the New South Wales cities of Wagga Wagga and Albury. The event was first run in the 1930s, leaving the Wagga Railway Station and travelling via Tarcutta and Holbrook to finish outside the Globe Hotel in Albury. In 1948 the race was changed to run via the Olympic Way and finish in Dean St. It ran this way until its conclusion in 1963. In 1987 the event was revived and has run every year since. The event is organised by the Albury Wodonga Cycling Club (AWCC) and for 2013, the race will be held on 28 July.

John Woodman[edit]

The race is named in honour of John Woodman, a talented Albury rider who turned professional in 1976, and 1986 join the Sydney base Gitane team. Winning a number of NSW & Victorian titles in his career, addition to riding in six Sun Tours. John was killed on 1 October 1986 whilst training for the upcoming Sun Tour.

Major Results[edit]

1st & Fastest - Lavington Open
4th - Cootamundra Annual
2nd - NSW Professional Road Title
1st - NSW Professional Road Title
8th - Melbourne to Warrnambool
1st - Tour of the North East
2nd - NSW Professional Road Title
1st - Open Road Title
1st & Fastest - Bathurst to Penrith
2nd - Tour of the North East
Fastest Time - Griffith 100km Open
Fastest Time - Wangaratta '90'
1st & Fastest - Sid Demmery Memorial Wagga
2nd - NSW Professional Road Title
2 stage wins in the Sun Tour
3rd - NSW Professional Road Title
3rd - Midlands Tour

The Race History[edit]

The first Wagga to Albury was held in the 1930s. Leaving the Wagga Wagga railway station, the race travel east to Tarcutta, before travelling south through Holbrook to Albury, finish outside the Globe Hotel in Dean Street. In 1948 the race change to a shorter route via the Olympic Way to Albury. The last of the original races was held in 1963. Albury rider Jack Sommer won the fastest time.

The race was revived by then the Lavington Sports Club Cycling Club. The first of the modern additions of race was held on 4 June 1986, with 96 entries rolling out from the car park of Tolland Hotel. The first addition of the race was title Wagga to Albury Cycle Classic. It was rename the John Woodman Memorial Cycle Classic a year later. Today its official name John Woodman Memorial Wagga Wagga to Albury Cycle Classic, is generally just known as Wagga to Albury.

Today it remains of one of the few city to city handicap races on the open calendar.

In 2010 the Albury Wodonga Cycling Club made the decision to stopping running the race to due the financial costs and other factors. The decision was later reversed.

The Course[edit]

Traditionally the race has started in front of the Tolland Hotel, Bourke Street, Wagga Wagga. In more recent times race has started from Jubilee Park on Holbrook Road due to traffic management issues. In 2010 the race started from Lloyd Road due to a clash with the Wagga Wagga Marathon, shortening the race by three kilometres.

The race travels through Mangoplah, Cookardina, Morven, Culcairn, Walla Walla, Jindera, before cresting the Jindera Gap and descending down to finish in front of the Lavington Hall, Urana Road Lavington.

Total Length: 135 km

In early years, the race finished in Albury's main street, Dean Street, in front of the Globe Hotel.

Past winners[edit]

Year Cyclist Club/Location
2012 Rhys Pollock Albury Wodonga CC
2011 Declan Gregory Albury Wodonga CC
2010 Trent Stevenson Shepparton CC
2009 William Lind Canberra CC
2008 Michael Matthews Tuggeranong Vikings CC
2007 Tim Decker Bendigo & District CC
2006 Michael Tolhurst Canberra CC
2005 Andrew Duggan Sydney CC
2004 Karl McKenzies Tasmania
2003 Richard Moffat Wagga Wagga CC
2002 Rob Young Lavington Sports CC
2001 Leigh Egan Shepparton CC
2000 Brad Scott Shepparton CC
1999 Ray Jarratt Cobram CC
1998 Tim Palmer Canberra CC
1997 Aaron Robertson Wagga Wagga CC
1996 Aaron Robertson Wagga Wagga CC
1995 Brendon Cooper Cootamundra CC
1994 Jay Sweet Adelaide CC
1993 Dean Woods Wangaratta CC
1992 Peter Collins Melbourne
1991 Scott Steward
1990 Paul Evans Bendigo CC
1989 Dean McDonald Wangaratta CC
1988 John Holgate Yarrawonga CC
1987 Bernard O'Dea Bendigo CC

Fastest Time[edit]

Year Cyclist Time Club/Location
2012 Rhys Pollock 3:04:41 Albury Wodonga CC
2011 Leigh Egan 3:07:07 Shepparton CC
2010 Trent Stevenson 2:54:46 Shepparton CC
2009 Rhys Pollock 2:53:58 Albury Wodonga CC
2008 Michael Matthews 3:16:40 Tuggeranong Vikings CC
2007 Timothy Decker 3:10:39 Canberra CC
2006 Michael Matthews 3:14:17 Canberra CC
2005 Stephen Fitzpatrick 3:07:02 Sydney
2004 Karl Menzies 3:01:55 Tasmania
2003 Richard Moffat Held at Chiltern - 99 km Wagga Wagga CC
2002 Tim Decker 3:08:12 Bendigo & District CC
2001 Leigh Egan 3:02:08 Shepparton CC
2000 Leigh Egan 3:03:12 Shepparton CC
1999 Danny Hennessy 3:03:12 Canberra CC
1998 Peter Milostic 3:09:00 Penrith Panthers CC
1997 Jamie Drew 3:00:43 VIS
1996 Tim Bennett 2:57:19 Bendigo & District CC
1995 Brett Aitken 2:52:34 Adelaide
1994 Jay Sweet 2:42:12 Race Record Adelaide
1993 Dean Woods 2:59:54 Wangaratta CC
1991 Peter Clayton 3:01:28 Sydney
1990 Scott Steward 3:01:28 Melbourne
1989 Dean McDonald 3:01:19 Wangaratta CC
1988 Rick McCaig 3:00:24 Bendigo & District CC
1987 Geoff Stevenson 3:04:21 Shepparton CC
1963 Jack Sommer

First Female[edit]

Year Cyclist Club/Location
2012 Lisa Barry Albury Wodonga CC
2011 Trudi Beck Albury Wodonga CC
2010 Kelly Linden Wagga Wagga CC
2009 No female finishers.
2008 Vicki Whitelaw Canberra CC
2007 Deborah Fagg Albury Wodonga CC

First Local (AWCC)[edit]

Year Male Place Female Place
2012 Rhys Pollock 1st Lisa Barry -
2011 Declan Gregory 1st Trudi Beck -
2010 Brendan Washington - NA -
2009 Brian Harris 4th NA -
2008 Daniel McIntyre 5th NA
2007 Greg Featonby 2nd Deborah Fagg
2005 Ken Payne 3rd Deborah Fagg 5th
2001 Trent Perry 3rd


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