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John Would is an American musician, songwriter, producer, engineer, mixer who was born in Vallejo, California. He has recorded and performed extensively as a multi-instrumentalist (primarily guitarist) and works mainly out of his studio Stanley Recordings, in Echo Park California.

As producer, engineer, and session musician[edit]

Would recorded Fiona Apple's 2012 Grammy nominated album The Idler Wheel....[1]

for HBO's True Blood He produced, recorded, played on, and mixed the song "Let's Boot and Rally" with Iggy Pop and Bethany Cosentino of Best Coast and a remake of The Animals song "Don't let Me Be Misunderstood" featuring Eric Burdon and Jenny Lewis.

He produced, arranged and played on a remix of the T. Rex song "Children of the Revolution" for Gary Calamar and KCRW.

He recorded vocals, played lap steel, and mixed Wanda Jackson's album I Remember Elvis

co-produced, recorded and mixed Graham Parker's album Your Country,

co-Produces and mixes. guitar, bass and keys on The Donnies The Amys records.

He has also worked with Lucinda Williams, Warren Zevon, Wild Colonials, Chuck E. Weiss, and many other prominent musicians/entertainers.

Would works almost exclusively out of his studio, Stanley Recordings, in Echo Park.


John Would has done music for:

As songwriter[edit]

Would released an album under the name The Quincy Blaque Trio titled Uneasy Listening Music, and is currently planning to release a second album under this pseudonym. He has released three albums with the band Yortoise.[2]


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