Jon Hirschtick

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Jon Hirschtick
Jon Hirschtick
Chicago, U.S.
EducationBachelors and Masters from MIT
Years active1980–present
TitleCEO and Cofounder at Onshape
Randy Lyanne Gollub
(m. 2011)

Jon Hirschtick is a CAD software developer, founder and former CEO of SolidWorks, a popular solid modeling 3D CAD and CAE system for Microsoft Windows, and Onshape, a cloud platform for product development that includes tools for CAD, data management, collaboration, workflow, analytics, etc.


Hirschtick holds a Bachelors and Masters' degree from MIT, graduating in 1986.[1]


Hirschtick was director of engineering at Computervision from 1981-1983,[2] and a manager at the MIT CADLab. He was a player and instructor on the MIT Blackjack Team[3][4] featured in the movies 21 and Breaking Vegas.[5][6]

Hirschtick founded the SolidWorks Corporation in 1993 using $1 million he made while a member of the MIT Blackjack Team.[7][8] Under his leadership, SolidWorks revenue eventually grew to $600 million.[9] When Solidworks was acquired by Dassault Systèmes in 1997, Hirschtick continued on as CEO and then a group executive for the next 14 years.[10][11] In October 2011, Hirschtick left Solidworks and in 2012 founded Belmont Technology (later changed to Onshape) with other members of the original SolidWorks team.[12][13] Hirschtick is currently CEO at Onshape.[9] In October 2019 Onshape entered into an agreement to be acquired by PTC.

Hirschtick was awarded the CAD Society Leadership Award,[14] joining Autodesk’s Carl Bass, Dassault SystèmesBernard Charles, and 3D Systems's Ping Fu, and is a recipient of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers Leadership Award.[15] He is a member of the Advisory Board at Boston University and Arcbazar, where he was once director,[10] and is an advisor to Magic Leap and MarkForged, Inc.[16]


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