Jonny Hector

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Jonny Hector
Hector Jonny.jpg
Full name Jonny Hector
Country Sweden
Born (1964-02-13) February 13, 1964 (age 54)
Malmö , Sweden
Title Grandmaster (1991)
ICCF Grandmaster (1999)
FIDE rating 2499 (July 2018)
Peak rating 2590 (October 2002)

Jonny Hector (born 13 February 1964) is a Swedish chess grandmaster.

Born in Malmö, Sweden, Hector has lived in Denmark for many years. He learned chess at the relatively late age of 14, but quickly became a very strong player. In 1987 he was equal first in the strong Cappelle-la-Grande open (with Anthony Kosten and Anatoly Vaisser).

In 2002 he won the Swedish championship at Skara.[1] In 2012, tied for 1st–3rd with Ivan Sokolov and Ivan Cheparinov in the Politiken Cup in Copenhagen, Denmark.[2]

He has an aggressive attacking style, and is known for playing unusual chess openings. He is also an International Grandmaster of Correspondence Chess (1999).[3]


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