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Jonny Martinez
Jonny Martinez (Mexican American Tex-Mex Singer)
Birth name John Martin Martinez
Born May 6, 1969
Origin San Antonio, Texas
Genres Tejano, Country, Tex-Mex
Instruments Vocalist, Guitar
Years active 20
Labels AMI Records Latin
Associated acts Los Desperadoz, Eddie Gonzalez, Emilio Navaira, Michael Salgado, Tropa F
Members JJ Martinez, Raul Villarreal, Pete "Tiny" Gutierrez, and Arthur Campos.
Past members Victor Hernandez, Al Avila, Danny Rodriguez, Ernie Gonzalez, Art Guillermo, JP Munoz, Isaac Martinez, Memo Rincon, Esteban Cerda, Steve Lujan, Ruben Garcia, Joey Sanchez, Roy Paniagua, Russel Hernandez, Mike Hernandez, Ralph Pastrano, Eddie Rivas, Marc Martinez, Art Hernandez, Rudy Cortez, Leroy Salazar, George Avena, Andy Bernal, Leno Sanchez, Frank Flores, Steve Gonzalez, Anthony Hernandez,

Jonny Martinez (born John Martin Martinez 1969, San Antonio, Texas) is an American of Mexican descent Tejano country singer, producer, arranger, composer, and songwriter, based in Austin, Texas. He has positioned himself as an Educated independent Artist who is interested in recording authentic Tejano, Tex-Mex and country music. He has been recording as an Artist since 1988, to include "Caminos Chuecos" (1995 Joey International), "Ron Con Coca Cola" (1998 Joey International), "Mujer Mexicana" (2001 AMI Records Latin), "La Callejera" (2004 AMI Records Latin), "Lo Mejor de Jonny Martinez" (AMI Records Latin 2007) "Dedicado A Mi Madre" (2010 AMI Records Latin)and "Admirando a Mi Padre" (2015 AMI Records Latin). Martinez, owner and producer of AMI Records Latin, signed Rebecca Valadez in 2005 and received a Grammy Award Nomination in 2006 for Best Tejano Album. In 2007, He also participated as a recording engineer for Ram Herrera, in which the CD was nominated for Best Tejano Album. In 2008 & 2009, Martinez was involved in yet two more CD projects as an engineer with Grammy Nominations under Sunny Sauceda for Tejas Records.

Martinez is following in the footsteps of his father, Tejano Hall of Fame inductee Anselmo "El Chemiro" Martinez, who has traveled coast to coast, recording 13 albums, writing hundreds of world Tejano music and currently singing and writing Christian music with compositions of 146 original songs. Jonny Martinez has ventured into 28 U.S. states, covering Mexico by touring in Monterrey, San Luis, Potosi and Durango.

By age 16, had his first radio appearance on San Antonio’s KEDA-AM radio station, where he sang an old standard hit "La Bamba", and was interviewed by Guero Polkas on KEDA in San Antonio, Texas. In January 1990, Martinez won the All campus Southwest Texas State Talent show as a Sigma Nu by singing his rendition of "La Bamba" and "Twist and Shout". Martinez altered those skills with his Father by recording an album on Carino Records with his new Group called John Martinez y Carino. Martinez continued his education at Missouri Valley College and graduated in 1992 with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and an MBA from University of Phoenix. The singer was anxious to record again and began soon after graduating. After interning at Custom Recording Studio with Toby Torres, Jonny Martinez began recording as an engineer by recording Flaco Jimenez. Joey Records signed two solo Artists shortly after on July 6, 1994 Jonny Martinez and Michael Salgado.


Albums in order from newest to oldest

Admirando A Mi Padre[edit]

  1. Caminos Chuecos
  2. Un Raton
  3. Hasta Que Llegaste tu
  4. El Paraiso
  5. Amorcito Consentido
  6. No Olvides Que te Quiero
  7. Mi Nombre Completo
  8. Jamaican Mi Crazy
  9. Anoche
  10. Te Quiero Dar Mi Amor
  11. Mi Ranchito
  12. Los Laureles

Dedicado A Mi Madre[edit]

  1. Mi Lindo Tesoro
  2. Fijate Mama/La Mucura/La Media Naranja/
  3. Dos Ojas Sin Rumbo
  4. Maria Isabel
  5. Margaritaville
  6. No Volvere
  7. Cowboy Cumbia
  8. Muy Grande
  9. I've Got a Never Ending Love
  10. Por El Amor A Mi Madre
  11. Con Mis Ojos Llorosos
  12. Un Presentimiento
  13. Jingle Bells

Lo Mejor De Jonny Martinez y Mas[edit]

  1. Mi Florecita
  2. Mujer Mexicana
  3. Cumbia Barriente
  4. Mujer Paseada
  5. Rosa Maria
  6. Caminos Chuecos
  7. Para Que Quiero Tus Besos
  8. Esa Morenita
  9. Nadie Nos Separara
  10. La Musiquera
  11. Libro Abierto
  12. Cumbia De La Guitarra
  13. Tu Te Vas
  14. Ritmo De La Ola
  15. Chaparrita De Oro
  16. Fiesta Sabrosura
  17. Tu Traicion
  18. Boom Boom Boom
  19. Nuestro Amor
  20. La Callejera
  21. El Cafetal

La Callejera[edit]

  1. Ni Los Pleatos
  2. La Callejera
  3. Nuestro Amor
  4. Tu Tracion
  5. Cumbia de la Guitarra
  6. Fiesta Sabrosura
  7. Esa Morenita
  8. Victors Special #1
  9. Boom Boom Boom
  10. Pobre

Mujer Mexicana[edit]

  1. Mujer Mexicana
  2. El Cafetal
  3. Mujer Paseada
  4. Libro Abierto
  5. Mi Guerita
  6. Que Linda Mujer
  7. La Suegra
  8. Simon Blanco
  9. Tengo Un Amorcito
  10. Cambiar de Camino

Ron Con Coca Cola[edit]

  1. Ron Con Coca Cola
  2. Chaparrita De Oro
  3. Tu Amor
  4. Cambiar De Camino
  5. Tengo Un Amorcito
  6. Ni Tu Ni Nadie Mas
  7. Rodeo Palace
  8. Bravomania
  9. Mi Guerita
  10. Hijo De Tejas

Caminos Chuecos[edit]

  1. Caminos Chuecos
  2. La Musiquera
  3. Pinte Mi Cuarto
  4. Ritmo De la Ola
  5. Nadie Nos Separara
  6. Viejo Libro
  7. Tu Retrato
  8. Porque sin ti
  9. Que Lindos Ojos
  10. Me Enamore


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