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Julian Jameson (born in Sunderland, England in the Summer of 1968) is the CEO of Greenhill EnviroTechnologies Inc. based in Nova Scotia Canada, having previously worked in England (where he was known as 'Jools') as a computer game developer, designer and producer.

Greenhill EnviroTechnologies Inc.[edit]

Julian currently runs Greenhill EnviroTechnologies Inc., which designs and develops electronic control systems for green technologies. The company's current Okapi product line, of sophisticated control systems for solar collectors, is featured on the Kickstarter website.

Okapi Product Line[edit]

  • Okapi: a sophisticated control system for solar collector air heaters.
  • Okapi 2: controller for two side-by-side solar collector air heaters (or one very large collector).
  • Okapi 2.i: controller for two independent solar collectors.

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Gaming career[edit]

Jools' gaming career spanned some 20 years starting in the early days of gaming "messing around" with machine code on the 6502-based Oric 1 and has programmed almost every home computer and console since.

The most prominent game of his career is Cannon Fodder, which he co-designed and programmed. Cannon Fodder 2 followed and, later in his career, he converted it onto the Game Boy platform (a project he initiated). This conversion included an FMV player, which he both designed and programmed, capable of streaming digital video and audio. The Game Boy conversion received a BAFTA nomination for sound and high review scores, including 93% from Official Nintendo Magazine and 96% from Nintendo Power.

Games programmed, designed, and produced[edit]

Company Title Platform(s) Description
Tynesoft Ltd 1986-1988 Who Dares Wins II C16; Plus 4 Programmer
Future Shock C16; Plus 4 Programmer
Phantom C16; Plus 4 Designer and programmer; Game of the Year 1987 'awesome'
Spy VS Spy C16; Plus 4 Programmer
Frost Byte Amiga; ST Programmer
Seconds Out Amiga; ST Designer and programmer
Rare 1989-1990 Taboo NES Designer and programmer
WWF Wrestlemania NES Designer and programmer
Tynesoft Ltd 1988-1989 Beverly Hills Cop Amiga; ST Co-programmer
Circus Games PC Engine Designer and programmer
Sensible Software 1991-1995 Mega-lo-Mania Mega Drive/Genesis Programmer
Cannon Fodder Amiga; ST Co-Designer and programmer
Cannon Fodder 2 Amiga Co-Designer and programmer
Sensible Golf Amiga Programmer
Business venture 1995-1996 Game Concept PC Deal not committed in time
Argonaut Games 1996-1997 Croc: Legend of the Gobbos Producer (plus design and programme guidance) 1.1million sales
Psygnosis 1998-1999 G-Police: Weapons of Justice PlayStation Senior Producer (plus design and programme guidance)
Codemasters 1999-2004 Cannon Fodder Game Boy Color; Game Boy Advance Lead Programmer; Bafta nominated; 93% / 96% reviews
LMA 2002 PS2; Xbox Senior Programmer
Dragon Empires - MMORPG PC Designer (project canned)

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