Joost (name)

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Gender Male
Word/name Breton
Region of origin Dutch
Other names
Related names Jodocus, Jost, Yost, Julius

Joost is a male Dutch first name. It derives from the name Jodocus, which can ultimately be traced back to St. Judoc, a Breton saint of the 7th century: Jodocus → Josse → Joos → Joost (the addition of an end-t is a peculiarity of the Dutch language, especially some local dialects).

Sometimes the (originally Ancient Roman) name Justus was used to represent Joost.[1] This may have led to confusion between Justus and Jodocus as the origin of Joost. In Dutch proper it is pronounced [ˈjoːst]. In Afrikaans it is pronounced [ˈjust].





Notes and references[edit]