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Jordan Transverse Mercator (JTM) is a grid system created by the Royal Jordan Geographic Center (RJGC). This system is based on 6° belts with a Central Meridian of 37° East and a Scale Factor at Origin (mo) = 0.9998. The JTM is based on the Hayford ellipsoid adopted by the IUGG in 1924. No transformation parameters are presently offered by the government.[1] However, Prof. Steven H. Savage of Arizona State University figured out that the JTM has a False Easting of 500 km, a False Northing of –3,000 km, and the three-parameter transformation to WGS84 is: ΔX = –86 meters, ΔY = –98 meters, and ΔZ = –119 meters.

Prof. Savage also offers software, ReprojectME!, which will convert coordinates between JTM and other systems. (See for more information.)

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