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Jorge Pacheco Klein (born 1964 in Montevideo) is a Uruguayan political figure and lawyer.


Pacheco Klein is a member of the Uruguayan Colorado Party. His father, Jorge Pacheco Areco, was President of Uruguay 1967-1972.

He is a lawyer by profession and has worked extensively in both Uruguayan and American law.

Deputy; and subsequent career[edit]

He was elected in 1994 to serve as a representative, in the House of Representatives of the Congress of Uruguay, for the Colorado Party. Following the death of his father, Jorge Pacheco Areco, in 1998, he resigned his seat as a representative to concentrate on his legal career.

Pacheco Klein emigrated to the United States, where he continued his legal career.[1] Jorge Pacheco Klein's career may be seen as contrary to the longstanding tradition of political families in Uruguay (see links, below); for some Uruguayan politicians with family links in politics take advantage from such links, whereas Jorge Pacheco Klein decided not to.

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