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The José Saramago Literary Prize has been awarded since 1999 by the Circulo de Leitores Foundation to a literary work written in Portuguese by a young author in which the first edition was published in a Lusophone country.It celebrates the attribution of the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1998 to the Portuguese writer José Saramago. The prize has a biannual periodicity, and a monetary value of 25,000. The jury is composed by 5 to 10 elements of distinguished merit in cultural stances.[1]

The Laureates[edit]

Year Author Work Country
1999 Paulo José Miranda Natureza Morta  Portugal
2001 José Luís Peixoto Nenhum Olhar  Portugal
2003 Adriana Lisboa Sinfonia em Branco  Brazil
2005 Gonçalo M. Tavares Jerusalém  Portugal
2007 Valter hugo mãe o remorso de baltazar serapião  Portugal
2009 João Tordo As Três Vidas  Portugal
2011 Andréa del Fuego[2] Os Malaquias  Brazil
2013 Ondjaki[3] Os Transparentes  Angola
2015 Bruno Vieira Amaral[4] As Primeiras Coisas  Portugal
2017 Julián Fuks[5] A Resistência  Brazil


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