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Joseph Parry
3rd Premier of Nevis
In office
11 July 2006 – 23 January 2013
Preceded by Vance Amory
Succeeded by Vance Amory
Personal details
Born Cotton Ground, Saint Thomas Lowland Parish, Nevis
Political party Nevis Reformation Party

Joseph Walcott Parry was born in Cotton Ground, educated in Charlestown Secondary School and obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in History and Economics at the University of the West Indies.[1]

Mr. Parry served as President of Nevis Cricket association for over ten years, as Nevis representative on the Leeward Islands Cricket Association for six years and represented Leeward Islands Cricket Association on the West Indies Cricket Board of Control.[1][2]

Personal achievements[edit]

Joseph Parry spent most of his civil career as a teacher at the Charlestown Secondary School.[1][2]

On December the 31st 2009, Nevispages reported Joseph Walcott Parry as the "Man of the Year 2009". Criteria were based in the person or persons who most affected the news and lives if the Nevisians.[1][2]

In the private sector, Parry is a founding member and chairman of the Bank of Nevis Mutual Fund.[1][2]

Political achievements[edit]

Joseph Parry was Premier of Nevis from 11 July 2006 to 23 January 2013. He is the leader of the Nevis Reformation Party (NRP).[3]

In the 10 July 2006 Island Assembly election, Parry's NRP won three out of five seats, ending the 14-year rule of the Concerned Citizens' Movement (CCM).[3]

In the 11 July 2011 Island Assembly election, Parry's NRP again won three out of five seats and was return to office for a second term.

In the 22 January 2013 Island Assembly election, Parry's NRP won two out of five seats and therefore was succeeded as Premier by Vance Amory.

Joseph Parry was responsible for establishing the social security office and is considered the architect of the Nevis Civil service structure after Nevis' independence in 1983.[2]

Political offices
Preceded by
Vance Amory
Premier of Nevis
Succeeded by
Vance Amory