Joseph Storrs Fry II

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Joseph Storrs Fry II
Born 1826
Died 1913

Joseph Storrs Fry (August 6, 1826- July 7, 1913) was a member of the Bristol Fry family, head of the family chocolate firm of J. S. Fry & Sons and a philanthropist.

He assumed control of the company as chairman in 1878[1] and built it up from 56 workers to a factory employing 3,000 people in Union Street, Bristol.[2] He never married and his fortune was mostly inherited by his 37 nephews and nieces (though £42,000 was split amongst employees with more than 5 years of service amongst other legacies). Control of the family firm passed to various relations, not all of whom were on speaking terms with each other, who thereafter merged it with Cadburys in 1919.[3]

Joseph Storrs Fry was also clerk for the Society of Friends London Yearly Meeting for 1870–1875 and 1881–1889.


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