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Joseph Warren Scott (November 21, 1778 – April 27, 1871) Colonel in U.S. Army who lived in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

He was born to Moses Scott, the senior surgeon during the US Revolutionary War. Moses named Joseph Warren Scott I, for his friend Joseph Warren who died during the Battle of Bunker Hill. Joseph graduated from Princeton University in 1795, then married Jane Griffiths (c1780-1821) and had a daughter: Lavinia Agnes Scott, who married Richard Varick Dey. Joseph obtained a law degree, and, in 1821, he bought "The White House" in New Brunswick, New Jersey and named it Buccleuch.

In 1808, he was a Captain in the Middlesex Regiment and served in the War of 1812. In 1829, he was promoted to Colonel. He was the oldest member of the New Jersey bar when he died in New Brunswick at the age of 93.


  • 1778 Birth
  • 1795 Graduates from Princeton University
  • 1808 Captain in Middlesex Regiment
  • 1810 Founded Bank of New Brunswick
  • 1821 Buys "The White House" in New Brunswick from Mary Garnett and renames it "Buccleuch" on June 6
  • 1824 Enters Jerusalem Masonic Lodge #40 in Plainfield, New Jersey on June 7
  • 1825 Starts Cranbury Lodge #47 and Rahway Lodge #49
  • 1827 Becomes Master Mason
  • 1829 Promoted to Colonel
  • 1830 Deputy Masonic Grand Master
  • 1831 Begins Masonic Grand Master
  • 1834 Ends Masonic Grand Master
  • 1834 Marriage of Cornelia D. Scott, his daughter, to John David Ogilby (c1810-1851) on April 30
  • 1837 Possible gubernatorial candidate
  • 1850 Revitalizes Union Lodge #12 in New Brunswick, New Jersey as Union Lodge #19 on March 12
  • 1871 Death on April 27
  • 1871 Funeral on May 4


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