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Josephine Ettel Kablick (March 9 1787 – July 21, 1863) was a pioneering Czech botanist and paleontologist. Kablick studied under the best botanists of her time. She collected plant and fossil samples for institutions throughout Europe. Many of the fossils and plants she collected are named in her honor.[1]


Kablick lived in the Czech city of Vrchlabí (then Hohenelbe ). She was extremely strong and healthy and became an enthusiastic collector of specimens in all weathers.[2] She collected plant and fossil samples especially from the Sudeten Mountains for schools, museums, learned societies and universities throughout Europe.

Filip Maximilian Opiz's Interchangeable Institute for the exchange of herbarium specimens (German Pflanzentausch-Anstalt) lists over 25,000 specimens collected by her.[2]

Her husband Adalbert Kablik was a pharmacologist and zoologist and very supportive of his wife's occupation.[2] Her name is sometimes spelled Josefina Kablíková


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