Judgement Days

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Judgement Days
Judgement Days album cover.jpg
Studio album by Ms. Dynamite
Released 3 October 2005
Recorded London
Genre R&B, hip hop, 2-step garage
Length 66:24
Label Polydor
Producer Bloodshy & Avant, Builder
Ms. Dynamite chronology
A Little Deeper
Judgement Days
Singles from Judgement Days
  1. "Judgement Day"
    Released: 26 September 2005
  2. "Father"
    Released: 26 September 2005
  3. "Fall In Love Again" (promo only)"
    Released: 30 January 2006

Judgement Days is the second studio album by English R&B/hip hop singer and rapper Ms. Dynamite, released on 3 October 2005 on Polydor Records. Chink Santana, Stephen Marsden, Christian Karlsson, and Lil Wayne collaborated on several tracks.


Judgement Days is similar to Ms. Dynamite's first work, drawing inspiration from a number of personal themes in her life as a basis for humane political commentary in a climate of increasing paranoia. However, it also supposedly reflected the fact she had matured as a performer, including having performed at Live 8 earlier that year.[1]

Upon its release in the United Kingdom and Ireland in October 2005, the album peaked at number forty-three on the UK Albums Chart, staying inside the music charts for just two weeks. In Ireland, it reached number sixty-six, then fell outside the top one hundred. It sold around 50,000 copies in the two countries combined. It was not promoted well in Europe or Australia; and so later that year Polydor officially dropped Ms. Dynamite from the record label.

Jon O'Brien, writing for Allmusic, gave the album two and a half stars out of five. he criticised its themes and tone, saying "the pure anger and constant preaching on Judgement Days makes you feel like you're being repeatedly battered over the head at a highly fraught protest march...overall, Judgement Days is a disappointing follow-up to its predecessor, which managed to address difficult issues without descending into self-indulgence and self-righteousness. The carefree party sound of her two-step garage beginnings seems a long, long time ago".[2]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Judgement Day" – 4:23
  2. "Father" – 3:56
  3. "Put Your Gun Away" (featuring Sincere) – 4:11
  4. "Back Then" – 3:47
  5. "Fall In Love Again" – 3:32
  6. "Not Today" – 3:32
  7. "You Don't Have to Cry" (featuring Lil Wayne) – 4:46
  8. "Unbreakable" – 3:30
  9. "Pain" – 4:23
  10. "Shavaar" – 4:08
  11. "Gotta Let It Go" – 4:12
  12. "She Don't Live Here Anymore" (featuring Chink Santana) – 5:00
  13. "Mr Prime Minister" – 4:45

Limited edition[edit]

Disc 1[edit]

  1. "Judgement Day"
  2. "Father"
  3. "Put Your Gun Away" (featuring Sincere)
  4. "Back Then"
  5. "Fall in Love Again"
  6. "Not Today"
  7. "You Don't Have to Cry" (featuring Lil Wayne)
  8. "Unbreakable"
  9. "Pain"
  10. "Shavaar"
  11. "Self Destruct" (featuring Assassin) – 4:49
  12. "Gotta Let It Go"
  13. "She Don't Live Here Anymore" (featuring Chink Santana)
  14. "Mr Prime Minister"
  15. "Redemption Song" – 3:08

Disc 2[edit]

  1. "Judgement Day" (Video)
  2. "Father" (Video)


Chart (2005)[3] Peak
French SNEP Albums Chart 72
Irish Albums Chart 66
UK Albums Chart 43


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