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Julien Hoffmann (31 May 1924 – 2007[1]) was a Luxembourgian composer and Professor of Music. Notable arrangements by Hoffman include "Arrangement fir 3 gleich Stömmen"[2] "Arrangement fir Gemöschte Cho'er"[3] and "La Provence", the last composed with Ralph Siegel.[4][5] Other compositions include "Léif Consolatrix", arranged by Patrick Colombo and published by the Musica International Musica Sacra Luxembourg and " Halleluja " with Kobi Oshrat,[6] which like "La Provence" was published by Bosworth Musikverlag.[5]

Hoffmann composed the march "La marche du Grand-Duc Henri",[7] first performed at a special concert before the Grand Ducal family at the Grand Ducal Palace at 8 p.m. on October 7, 2000. In the darkness, the musicians of la musique militaire were surrounded by reserve soldiers bearing torches.[8][9][10] Hoffmann was commissioned to compose the piece as part of the ceremonies for Grand Duke Jean's abdication and Grand Duke Henry's accession to the throne of Luxembourg.

A professor of music, Hoffman was influential in Luxembourg by founding the "Chorale Jong Lëtzebuerg", based on the model of Young Vienna and established in 1966.[11] The choir has performed in front of royalty and on a visit to Vaduz was welcomed by the Prince of Liechtenstein.[12] Hoffmann also served as honorary director of the St Cecilia Choir of Walferdange.[1]

His daughter is mezzo-soprano Yannchen Hoffmann.

Hoffman died in 2007.[1]


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