Julio Rodolfo Moctezuma

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Julio Rodolfo Moctezuma
Secretary of Finance (Mexico)
In office
1 December 1976 – 17 November 1977[1]
President José López Portillo
Preceded by Mario Ramón Beteta
Succeeded by David Ibarra
Personal details
Born 1927 (age 89–90)[1]
Mexico City, Mexico
Nationality Mexican
Political party Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI)[1]
Alma mater UNAM[1]
Profession Lawyer

Julio Rodolfo Moctezuma Cid (born 1927) was a Mexican lawyer who served as the first Secretary of Finance (1976–77) in the cabinet of President José López Portillo, as director-general of Pemex (1981–82) and as director-general of the now extinct Somex bank (1982–88).[1]

Moctezuma was born in Mexico City into a family composed by Alberto Moctezuma —a farmer— and Alicia Cid.[1] He graduated from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) with a bachelor's degree Law and married Blanca Rosa Franco.[1] He practiced law in Preinversión de México, S.A., lectured in Political Science at the National University, held several posts at the extinct Secretariat of the Presidency and worked as an adviser to the National Company for Basic Commodities (Conasupo).[1]

When José López Portillo —a close friend of his since the 1950s[1]— assumed the presidency of Mexico, he served briefly as his first Secretary of Finance but was forced to resign on 17 November 1977 after several public policy disagreements with Carlos Tello Macías, the statist Secretary of Budget and Planning in the federal cabinet.[1][2]


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