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Coordinates: 48°13′21″N 8°22′44″E / 48.22250°N 8.37889°E / 48.22250; 8.37889

Junghans Uhren GmbH is a German watch and clock manufacturer. Junghans had the largest watch and clock factory with over 3000 employees in the year 1903.[1] The company is located in Schramberg, Baden-Württemberg.

The first radio-controlled wristwatch
digital analog


On 15 April 1861 Erhard Junghans created the company "Junghans und Tobler" together with his brother-in-law Jakob Zeller-Tobler in Schramberg.[2]

The company began to produce wristwatches in 1927. Beginning in the 1950s, the Bauhaus designer Max Bill created clocks and watches for Junghans and the relationship lasted many years. A remarkable example of his work is a wall clock he designed in 1956/57 that is in the collection of The Museum of Modern Art (New York). In 1962 Bill also created mechanical wristwatches for Junghans – impressive timepieces, not only for their aesthetic design, but also their precision.[peacock term]

In the late 1980s, Junghans introduced the first radio-controlled table clock on the world market. In 1990 the first radio-controlled wristwatch, called the MEGA 1, followed. In 1995 Junghans presented a solar powered watch with ceramic housing. Together with the Japanese clock maker Seiko, Junghans developed a globally oriented wristwatch that automatically sets the local time in respective time zones.[citation needed]

Junghans defence industry[edit]

The Junghans Microtec GmbH produces fuze-technology for artillery, mortar, medium-calibre, tanks, anti-tank and cruise missiles. Junghans Microtec is located in the small town of Dunningen-Seedorf close to Schramberg. The company produces fuses for 76 mm to 203 mm. The small German tank Wiesel AWC uses the Junghans fuse MFZ/M as a standard performance.[3]

In December 2010 Wikileaks posted documents from US anti-terror officials, which said that the production facilities of Junghans Microtec GmbH would be endangered by terrorist attacks.[4]

Junghans clock examples[edit]


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