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The Juno Award for "Reggae Recording of the Year" has been awarded since 1985, as recognition each year for the best reggae album or single in Canada.[1]

The award was not presented in 1992 or 1993, during which time reggae albums were subsumed into the new World Beat Recording category, but a separate reggae category was reinstituted in 1994 and has been presented continuously since then.

Best Reggae/Calypso Recording (1985 - 1991)[edit]

Year Winner Album Nominees Ref.
1985 Liberty Silver and Otis Gayle Heaven Must Have Sent You
1986 Lillian Allen Revolutionary Tea Party
1987 Leroy Sibbles Mean While
No award ceremony was held in 1988
1989 Lillian Allen Conditions Critical
1990 Sattalites Too Late To Turn Back Now
1991 Jayson & Friends Soldiers We Are All

Best Reggae Recording (1994 - 2002)[edit]

Year Winner Album Nominees Ref.
1994 Snow "Informer"
1995 Carla Marshall Class and Credential
1996 Sattalites "Now and Forever"
1997 Nana McLean Nana McLean
1998 Messenjah Catch De Vibe
1999 Frankie Wilmot Vision
2000 Lazo Heart & Soul
2001 Lenn Hammond Lenn Hammond
2002 Blessed Love (African Woman)

Reggae Recording of the Year (2003 - Present)[edit]

Year Winner Album Nominees Ref.
2003 Sonia Collymore "You Won't See Me Cry"
2004 Leroy Brown "Rent A Tile"
2005 Sonia Collymore "WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get)"
2006 Blessed "Reggae Time"
2007 Korexion "X-Rated"
2008 Mikey Dangerous "Don't Go Pretending"
2009 Humble "Everything"
2010 Dubmatix feat. Prince Blanco "Gonna Be Alright"
2011 Elaine Lil'Bit Shepherd "Likkle But Mi Tallawah"
2012 Exco Levi "Bleaching Shop"
2013 Exco Levi "Storms of Life"
2014 Exco Levi "Strive"
2015 Exco Levi "Welcome the King"
2016 Kafinal feat. Daddy U Roy "Nah Complain"
2017 Exco Levi "Siren"
2018 Kirk Diamond "Greater"
2019 Dubmatix Sly & Robbie meet Dubmatix — Overdubbed
2020 Lyndon John X The Warning Track [2]


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