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Jurassic 5
Jurassic5EP albumcover.jpg
EP by
ReleasedOctober 13, 1997 (1997-10-13)
GenreHip hop
LabelRumble Records
ProducerCut Chemist, DJ Nu-Mark
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Jurassic 5
Jurassic 5
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Jurassic 5 is the first official release by American hip hop group Jurassic 5. It is an EP that includes much of the material that would later appear on the full-length album Jurassic 5.


The first version of the EP to be released contained nine tracks and was available in CD single or double-12" single formats. It was released in October 1997 on the band's own short-lived label, Rumble Records.

Although the label only released one record, it did give the band a platform and allowed them to be heard.

"I urge every independent artist to put something out first. Prove yourself to yourself, to people that pick up the records, then the [labels] will come looking for you. If they know that you can score, they gonna pass the ball to you." — Akil[6]

The band signed to a major label, Interscope Records, in 1999. Their first release on Interscope was the re-issue of the Jurassic 5 EP in an 8-track version in 1999. This had the same listing as the original EP, excluding the final track "Blacktop Beat".

Track listing[edit]

1."In the Flesh"4:07
2."Quality Control Part II"0:42
4."Lesson 6: The Lecture"6:35
5."Concrete Schoolyard"5:23
7."Action Satisfaction"4:00
8."Sausage Gut"0:22
9."Blacktop Beat"1:25


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