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Justice Africa
Justice Africa logo.jpg
Motto Nothing for us, without us
Formation 1999
Board Members & Trustees
Dawit Mesfin, Alex de Waal, Michela Wrong, Andre Zaaiman, Paulos Tesfagiorgis
Website www.justiceafrica.org

Justice Africa is a non-governmental organisation which seeks to promote social justice and human rights in Africa. It was established in 1999, to ensure that the vision of a Pan-African civil society came to fruition. Justice Africa’s programmes are guided by the slogan: “nothing for us, without us”.

The organisation believes in the importance of civil society ownership of the democratic process, in order to sustain peace and guarantee human rights. To achieve this end, Justice Africa works with governments, civil society actors as well as, local communities to build strong judicial frameworks, encourage the democratic process and promote peace.[1]


Initially, Justice Africa's work was focused on the Horn of Africa but it later expanded to include the Great Lakes region too. As its regional focus expanded, so did the network of civil society organizations with which it engages. Today, Justice Africa is even working in partnership with the African Union to build a human rights memorial in memory of various atrocities such as the Rwandan Genocide, Ethiopian Red Terror, Apartheid, Colonialism and the Slave Trade.[2]

Justice Africa's Mission[edit]

Justice Africa's stated mission is to "ensure inclusive participation of local actors and civil society in decision-making processes which affect their lives."[3] When designing and implementing programmes, Justice Africa consults with communities and civil society to ensure that its programmes are locally owned. It also encourages participation of all stakeholders that are involved in a programme, so that they can influence the decision making process, which affects them. Justice Africa operates impartially and has only one objective: to sustain peace.[4]

Justice Africa's Work[edit]

Justice Africa seeks to:

  • Support civil society organizations in promoting justice, democracy, human rights and peace
  • Conduct independent research and policy analysis
  • Provoke debate in relation to methods of resolving conflict in Africa
  • Forge of links between local, regional and international Pan-African actors
  • Organise conferences, publish books and meet directly with policy makers to improve understanding of issues pertinent to the continent and help resolve them
  • Memorialise human rights atrocities and genocides in Africa


Justice Africa has published various books including the following:


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