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Justyn Pogue is an artist and musician born in Olympia, Washington.

He has contributed his musical[1][2] and visual[3][4] artistic talents to several releases by Phil Elvrum's band The Microphones (now known as Phil Elverum aka Mount Eerie).

Previous to his work with Elvrum, Pogue was in the group The Patron Saints Of Fertility. This band opened for the final show by Elvrum's first group Tugboat in 1996.

Pogue lives in Japan, where he has played bass guitar for several bands including Disdomestic Violence and operates his record label, Song Of Cicada, whose most recent release is a CD by the group Strange Factory [1].

Justyn Pogue plays vintage B.C. Rich Warlock and Kramer XL24 bass guitars along with vintage Sunn amplifiers.

He is often credited for his artwork as j.pogue.

Among his artistic resume, Pogue's artwork is featured on Up Records catalog number 64 and the K Records video compilation entitled "Black Eye."

In 2009, Justyn Pogue released an experimental/noise album entitled "Rakutan."