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The insignia of the K-Commando, a special unit of the Estonian Police established in 1991

K-Commando (K-Komando) is a special unit of the Estonian Criminal Police, created in the 1991. It is a special unit of the Estonian police force similar in function to the SWAT teams in the U.S., and is responsible for such issues as managing hostage situations, riot management, high-risk raids and close-protection. The name K-Commando comes from the name of the group's former leader, Lembit Kolk (retired). They were trained by the FBI and other foreign agencies.

K-Commando is known for its fearsome reputation and high level of professionalism. Recruitment involves rigorous testing and requires the approval of all current team members. Only when a consensus has been reached will the candidate be accepted into the unit. As in other special police units, applicants must have a long service record. The number of members is undisclosed, and there are no known casualties thus far. The unit operates under the command of the Central Crime Police (Keskkriminaalpolitsei).