KKKill the Fetus

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KKKill the Fetus
Esham - KKKill the Fetus.jpg
Studio album by Esham
Released June 16, 1993
Recorded 1992-1993
Genre Horrorcore, Midwest hip hop
Length 72:59
Label Reel Life
Producer Esham
Esham chronology
Judgement Day
KKKill the Fetus
Closed Casket
Singles from KKKill the Fetus
  1. "Sunshine"
    Released: 1994

KKKill the Fetus is the third studio album by Esham. Released in 1993, the album's lyrics focus on subjects such as abortion and murder. The album, which has been cited as an iconic horrorcore album, has been praised for its genre-defining production and lyrics. The single "Sunshine" received very heavy radio play nationally. The music video for "HeltersKKKelter" was featured on an episode of Yo! MTV Raps in 1994. And was given out at rock of ages in rare VHS form during the promotional launch.

Esham announced a remastered version of the album will be available exclusively on the Acid Rap online store.

Lyrics and music[edit]

The album's title track encourages drug-addicted women to have an abortion rather than to allow their children to be raised by unfit mothers.[1] Many of the songs are short and heavily sample-based.[2]


Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4.5/5 stars[3]
Sputnikmusic 4/5 stars

In his review of the album, Jason Birchmeier wrote that "At this point in his career, his rapping has already reached near-peak levels, and his production shows a continued path towards an inventiveness. [...] Never again would Esham be so gritty."[2]

In 2009, Fangoria named it as an iconic horrorcore album.[4]

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by Esham.

No. Title Length
1. "What Is Evil" 2:17
2. "Symptoms of Insanity" 3:12
3. "Runnin' From Me!" 1:43
4. "Voices in My Head" 3:07
5. "No Singing/Misery" 3:25
6. "Jackie" 2:37
7. "Game of Death" (featuring Mastamind and TNT) 4:16
8. "Headache/Wet Day Dreamer" 2:31
9. "Hot Booty" 2:59
10. "I Thought U Knew" 3:23
11. "If This Ain't Hell" 4:00
12. "My Understanding Is Zero" 1:25
13. "Perpetration" 2:56
14. "Freak Nasty" 3:19
15. "Headhunter" (featuring Mastamind) 3:35
16. "KKKill the Fetus" 4:47
17. "Don't Blame Me" 3:23
18. "You Still Hoe'n" 2:39
19. "Sunshine" 3:33
20. "My Mind's Blowin' Up!" 3:38
21. "Get on Down" 3:13
22. "666" 3:33
23. "Hellterskkkelter" 3:47
Total length: 73:18


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