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Pago Pago, American Samoa
Channels Analog: 2 (VHF)
Affiliations PBS
Owner The Government of American Samoa Department of Public Information
First air date October 5, 1964
Former affiliations NET (1964-1970)
Transmitter power 60 kW
Height 610 m
Transmitter coordinates 14°15′54.5″S 170°41′14.5″W / 14.265139°S 170.687361°W / -14.265139; -170.687361

KVZK-2 is the local PBS member station for Pago Pago and American Samoa, broadcasting in NTSC on VHF channel 2.

KVZK-2 is owned by the Government of American Samoa, which also operates KVZK-4 and KVZK-5, offering programming from ABC, CBS and, before KKHJ-LP's acquisition, NBC.

Despite the odd call-letter arrangement, KVZK-2 is, in fact, a valid United States call sign.

As an insular area of the United States, television in American Samoa was originally regulated by the Department of the Interior instead of the Federal Communications Commission and will continue to be so when operated by the American Samoan Government.[citation needed] However, other TV stations not operated by the American Samoan Government that would later be licensed in American Samoa would be placed under the jurisdiction of the FCC.

KVZK-2 was American Samoa's first television station. It began broadcasting in black and white in 1964. Its broadcasts transitioned to color in 1969.

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