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Kachin Theological College (KTC) is a member of the Association for Theological Education in South East Asia (ATESEA). It is located in Nawng Nang, Myitkyina, Kachin State in the north of Myanmar. It is an evangelical school under Kachin Baptist Convention (KBC).

The 57th Graduation Ceremony was held on March 3, 2007. 101 students are conferred with Diplomas: 54 (B.Th) graduates, 25 (L.Th) graduates are in Kachin, 2 (L.Th) graduates are in English, 5 (B.Min) graduates and 15 (M.Div) graduates.[1]

The Diamond Jubilee (75th anniversary) celebration along with the 58th commencement service of the college will be held on March 24–30, 2008.[2]

Kachin Theological College started with missionaries who came to Kachin.


  • 1932 First would be a Bible School started by missionaries with a handful of Christians, in Bhamo, Kachin State.
  • 1935 Bible School transferred to Kutkai, Northern Shan State, Course extended to 2 years.
  • 1959 Course upgraded to 3 years and certificates given.
  • 1966 Bible School moved to the present campus situated in Nawng Nang, Myitkyina, Kachin State.
  • 1974 Course upgraded to 4 years and Diplomas awarded
  • 1985 Licentiate Theology Course begun.
  • 1990 B.Th. Graduation held and degrees conferred.
  • 1997 M.Div. program commenced.


A Diamond Jubilee Celebration (75th anniversary) was held on March 24–30, 2008 (1932–2007)


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