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Kahouanne is a part of Guadeloupe, in the commune of Saint-François.[1][2][3]

Guadeloupe 1780

It is located at the very tip of Grande-Terre, close to Chassaing. The Islet of Kahouanne is part of Guadeloupe to the north of Basse-Terre, administratively belonging to Deshaies and 1.5 km from the coast to the northwest of the town.

The island is about 0.541 km² in area and is a protected site.[4] The island is uninhabited but in 2014 some sailors were shipwrecked there.[5]

Like its neighbor Tête à l'Anglais, it is home to an endemic species, the Anolis kahouannensis.


Coordinates: 16°22′00″N 61°46′47″W / 16.36667°N 61.77972°W / 16.36667; -61.77972