Kahramanmaraş Archaeology Museum

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Kahramanmaraş Archaeology Museum
Kahramanmaraş Arkeoloji Müzesi
Kahramanmaras Museum Eingang.jpg
Museum entrance
Kahramanmaraş Archaeology Museum is located in Turkey
Kahramanmaraş Archaeology Museum
Kahramanmaraş Archaeology Museum
Established1994; 25 years ago (1994)
Coordinates37°34′26″N 36°55′34″E / 37.57389°N 36.92611°E / 37.57389; 36.92611Coordinates: 37°34′26″N 36°55′34″E / 37.57389°N 36.92611°E / 37.57389; 36.92611
OwnerMinistry of Culture

Kahramanmaraş Archaeology Museum is a museum in Kahramanmaraş, Turkey. The museum is on Azerbeycan Boulevard in Kahramanmaraş.[1] Its geographic coordinates are 37°34′26″N 36°55′34″E / 37.57389°N 36.92611°E / 37.57389; 36.92611.


According to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, even in the Medieval Age during the Dulkadir Beylik there was a primitive museum of steles in the Kahramanmaraş Castle [2] During the Republican Age the first museum was established in 1947. In 1961 the museum was transferred to the castle and in 1975 to its present building.

Exhibited items[edit]

The items in the museum are from paleolithic, neolithic, chalcolithic, bronze, iron, Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine Ages. The items are exhibited in seven specialized halls; a skeleton of an Anatolian elephant (now excint from Anatolia), Direkli excavations, Domuztepe excavations, Hittite items, mosaics, stone tools, chronological archaeology.[2]


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