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Kalamu on a map of Kinshasa communes
Kalamu on a map of Kinshasa communes
Kinshasa city-province on a map of the DRC
Kinshasa city-province on a map of the DRC
Coordinates: 04°20′51″S 15°19′12″E / 4.34750°S 15.32000°E / -4.34750; 15.32000Coordinates: 04°20′51″S 15°19′12″E / 4.34750°S 15.32000°E / -4.34750; 15.32000[1]
Country Democratic Republic of the Congo
Province Kinshasa
District Funa
 • Total 6.64 km2 (2.56 sq mi)
Population (2004 est.)
 • Total 315,342
 • Density 47,000/km2 (120,000/sq mi)

Kalamu is a municipality (commune) in the Funa district of Kinshasa, the capital city of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.[2]

It forms the part of the city to the south of major buildings such as the Palais du Peuple ("Palace of the People"), the Stade des Martyrs ("Martyrs' Stadium") and Kinshasa's N'djili Airport.

The town contains the popular Matongé neighborhood, the Victoire roundabout and the Stade Tata Raphaël ("Father Raphael Stadium").


Historical population of Kalamu
Year 1967 1970 1984 2003 2004
Population 78,310 100,441 160,719 304,961 315,342


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